My name is Kaitlyn Walker. I currently live in Houston, Tx. I am a graduate of McMurry University, in Abilene, Tx. I have BA in Theatre with a focus in Acting/Directing with a minor in art with a focus in photography. Photography was something I was raised around. My dad was always taking pictures of something. I never really gave it much thought, other than just taking pictures to keep memories, until my freshmen year of college when my parents bought me a digital camera. At first I had no real reason for it seeing as I didn't take pictures that much other than special occasions. Over time my friends and I started having random photo shoots. I would find my self taking pictures of anything and everything that seemed worthy to be immortalized in a snapshot. Soon this fascination grew. Then, I changed my minor and began learning the "right way" to take pictures. Of course, as in everything, you must know the basics and where your craft came from. Not saying I disregarded what I learned but I definitely go my own way with my photography! : ) If it seemed good enough for me I would keep it. Now, I have decided to share my collection and the beauty I have found in everyday life! I hope seeing the world through my lens will make yours more enjoyable! Look around and see what fits you best!
My Artist Statement: "My work is inspired by things I find beauty in and appeal to me. My pictures have no hidden meaning, they are what they are...a moment of life captured forever. Take them as just that."
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